Cutie Shell aims to be a pretty and easy-to-use mobile UI/UX for Linux devices running either Halium or mainline Linux. Our UI is inspired by Jolla’s Sailfish OS, but we are not aiming for a clone. One major difference to Saifish OS is that our source is completely open.

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The project is still heavily under development and is pre-alpha quality. This means it is not yet ready for most end-users, but we are welcoming any interested developers to contribute and share their thoughts. For reference, you can find a feature matrix of what we have here.

We also offer daily Droidian builds containing a development snapshot of Cutie Shell and the base apps for easy testing.

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For app developers wishing to develop apps following the project’s visual style, we have documentation for qml-module-cutie here. The QML module also is responsible for easy system integration. Also, note that the library and its API are subject to change anytime due to the current development phase.