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Status: Pre-alpha

Tested on: Volla Phone, Google Pixel 3a, PinePhone

Development Progress

feature status
GPU acceleration Y
Lockscreen P
Brightness P
Auto-Brightness Y
Orientation P
Auto-Orientation Y
Volume control Y
Nofications N
On-screen keyboard Y
Built-in set of applications P
Camera app N
Dialer app N
Contacts app N
Settings app N
Music app N
File Manager app N
Video Player app N
Calendar app N
Web browser app P
SMS app N
Weather app N
Haptics in UI Y
Launcher in shell Y
Battery status in statusbar N
SIM1 status in statusbar N
SIM2 status in quick settings N
WiFi status in statusbar N
Homescreen of open applications Y
Theming P
XWayland integration N


Status Explanation
P Partial
Y Works
N Broken